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December 09, 2017 11:10 PM

2017 String Instruments Fair

Japan String Instrument Makers Association held 2017 String Instruments Fair at Science Museum, Kitanomaru-koen, Tokyo from November 3 through 5. Opened on the national holiday, the first day saw unusual level of traffic, and 3,283 visitors in total enjoyed the exhibit/fringe music programs for the 3 days. (photo right: As a special exhibit celebrating 60th session, violins and guitars built by late master craftsmen were displayed.

The number of the domestic exhibitors including independent craftsmen were 101, the same over the previous year, however, reflecting growing awareness of the event in overseas string instruments society, 22 overseas exhibitors took part this year, which advanced 27% during the last 5 years. (photo left: Yamaha Music Japan promoted Silent Series and electric violins.)

In celebration of the 60th session, the association produced a special exhibit to introduce histories of violin and guitar making in Japan with photos and the instruments built by late prominent craftsmen in Japan. It was an exciting program for the visitors to look valuable instruments usually kept by collectors and music conservatories.

Nobuhiro Sonoda, president of JSIMA (photo: right) said,  “I’m pleased that increasing number of visitors are interested in instruments built by Japanese craftsmen these past years. There is definitely a market for our members. On the other hand, not a few visitors come to the fair for the instruments made by overseas craftsmen. That’s the reason why increasing number of craftsmen take part in the fair from Italy every year. String Instruments Fair aims to serve as a meeting point where instrument makers and buyers communicate, and Japanese exhibitors are inspired from overseas craftsmen. We continuously support Japanese makers to increase their presence.” (photo left: Eastman guitars, Calace mandolins and instruments of independent craftsmen were shown at S.I.E.  stand.)

During the period, a host of concerts using the instruments on display were given at the basement Science Hall. (photo left: Sugito’s rich selection of bows.)

Corporate member exhibitors at 2017 String Instruments Fair included: S.I.E., Kurosawa Violin, Shirakawa Sogyo, Sugito Bow, Sekireisha (publisher), Tatsunoya, Violin Research, Bunkyo Gakki, Matsuo (retailer), Yamaha Music Japan and Rokkomann.

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