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November 14, 2020 11:13 AM

Jeugia Kyoto Sanjyo Flagship Store Refurbished

Kyoto-based Jeugia completed renewal works of Sanjyo flagship store on October 1.

Adding new Piano Salon, consolidated music software division and an expanded repair section for woodwind and stringed instruments (photo bottom right), the company expects to enhance advantages of the flagship store, being a center of local music culture. Also it is expected to serve both music makers and amateur music fans offering them opportunities to learn music playing, a performance stage and fun experience.

Applause Piano Salon on the 4th floor showcases highest class grand pianos of Yamaha, Boesendorfer and other brands, all of them are offered ready to play for selection. It has also two piano lesson rooms furnished with a grand piano individually. (photos top, Applause Piano Salon and expanded repair section)

Music Salon on the 6th floor further upgraded adding two lesson rooms to existing 11, totaling 14 throughout the store including 3 at the Piano Salon. The store reports enrolled students reduced during the lockdown are returning almost to the level of last year.

The store renewal apparently contributes to store traffics after October. Masayoshi Ogasawara store manager says, “In addition to stronger store sales, we expect the renewed environment inspires more people to get involved in music making at the teaching studios and enjoy in-store and town recitals. Consequently, it will help increase instrument sales. We are still affected by the coronavirus but we are vitalized with these many refinements toward the coming business season.” (photo right, Masayoshi Ogasawara, store manager)

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