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April 12, 2020 2:31 PM

2019 Japan Musical Instruments Export and Import

Export growth of pianos and acoustic guitars
The statistics compiled by The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry show that total shipment of acoustic pianos surpassed 40,000 units for the first time in the last 5 years. It gained 4% growth in value over the previous year.

Healthy performance of piano industry last year is verified by the statistics of Shizuoka Musical Instruments Manufacturers’ Association with increases of grand and upright pianos in production and export as well. While domestic shipment of upright pianos remained stagnant with 9,758 units, a modest 2% increase, export which shares 70% of total production increased 6% to 18,159 units, the largest growth since 2011.

Domestic shipment of grand pianos went up 4% to 3,832 units, and also export rose 3% with 8,843 units and 9.77 billion yen in value.

According to the METI statistics, shipment of electronic pianos and electronic home organs went down 3%, the lowest level in history to 139,000 units. Shipment of electronic keyboards slightly recovered in unit with 6% increase to 79,000 units, but in unit it sunk into historical leveI.

Wind instruments achieved 4% plus shipment of 179,000 units, and 7% increase of acoustic and electric guitars to 160,000 units is attributed to brisk exports.

The export and import data of The Ministry of Finance show that Japan exported 70.7 billion yen worth of music products last year, which is a minimal 2% increase almost the same level as the previous year. As in the past years, upright and grand pianos led the export sharing 50% of the total value with 22.9 billion yen, an 8% increase for upright pianos and 13.5 billion yen, a 3% increase for grand pianos.

Other segments with shipment increased include reed instruments and other wind instruments, 7 % up to 9.7 billion yen and piano parts and accessories, 5% up to 4.8 billion yen.

While, export of electric guitars decreased 6% to 2.9 billion yen from the previous year, export of guitars and other stringed instruments significantly increased 8 % to 1.1 billion yen.

Total import advanced 2% to 55.4 billion yen. The best performed segments include electronic musical instruments with keyboard (11.2 billion yen, +8%), guitars (4.2 billion yen, +8%), piano parts and accessories (3 billion yen, +9%), grand pianos (1.9 billion yen, +40%) and upright pianos (1.2 billion yen, +15%).

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