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June 19, 2023 11:01 AM

Two Leading Music Stores Open Outlets Outside Home-ground

T. Kurosawa & Co., Ltd., Tokyo

One of the leading music store chains in Japan, T. Kurosawa & Co., Ltd. operating 20 outlets in Tokyo area opened its first store in Kyushu on April 28. Located on the 8th floor of Fukuoka Mina Tenjin, a brand-new 2,310 sq. meter shopping complex connected with adjacent North Tenjin shopping complex, the new Kurosawa store has access from nearby two metro stations.

The largest level sales floor space among the Kurosawa outlets showcases 1,200 fretted instruments including Fender and Gibson guitars, staff-selected GEN custom order guitars, vintage and used models, the largest selection of C.F. Martin guitars in Japan, a host of domestic-made and imported acoustic guitars, ukuleles and classical guitars. A good selection of amps, effect processors and guitar-related accessories can meet the needs of every guitarist. High quality on-sight repair services by seasoned professional are also provided at the store.

Kazuhiro Okazaki, store manager

Kazuhiro Okazaki, manager of Kurosawa Gakki Fukuoka Mina Tenjin Store commented, “Many visitors are very pleased that Kurosawa opened the first store in Kyushu. Hakata is known as a music city with a huge base of music makers.

As we have more than expected positive responses, we expect to build trust of local customer and can grow to be a competitor with Kurosawa’s bigger outlets in Ikebukuro (Tokyo) and Nagoya.

Miki Gakki Co., Ltd., Osaka

Osaka-based Miki Gakki Co., Ltd., another leading music store chain opened Smalls guitar shop in Ochanomizu, Tokyo, on April 28. As the store name tells, the cozy shop has taken the first step in Tokyo area at the center of Ohanomizu known as musical instruments town, only 4-minute walk from Japan Railways and Tokyo Metro Ochanomizu stations.

Yoshihiro Ueno, store manager says, “We have planned to open our outlet in Tokyo for the past years. The timing was perfect as we mark 200th anniversary in 2024.”

Yoshihiro Ueno, Store manager

The shop looks to be a comfortably furnished hideaway for guitarists having about 100 electric and acoustic guitars including coveted vintage models and precious original models by name luthiers collected by the sales staff from the various parts of the world.

There is a spacious service section on the 2nd floor to meet the needs of repair and maintenance works as well as a meeting room for instrument selection and  talks for customers and sales staff.

Ueno concluded, “We were off to a good start having inquiries even before the opening and excellent customer flow. More than anything else, we are happy to know that quite a few visitors know Miki Gakki here in Tokyo. We are looking forward to offering customers really valuable instruments regardless of their price range.”    

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