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March 09, 2015 05:08 PM

Casio Expands App Business

Linked-with-CZ-synthCasio Computer held a press conference on Jan. 23 at Toshio Kashio Memorial Hall in Tokyo to announce two new music apps, which made a debut at 2014 Musical Instruments Fair Japan in November. (photo: CZ App for iPad is connected with CZ-101.)


The app development started in October 2013 with Chordana Viewer as the first product, which automatically detects chord progression from audio data in hand, and Chordana Tap, a gadget to provide no-music maker with fun experience of chord play. As the second product, Music Practice Tool was unveiled, which is a consolidated controller for metronome, tuner and recorder functions on one display screen.


Mr.-IshidaShinjiro Ishida, Engineering Dept. manager said, “It’s a new project reflecting our corporate policy to develop original innovative gears never existed before. We are so excited to introduce the apps designed with Casio’s unique technologies and inspirations today at this special place. In a time smart mobile is a universal information source for greater number of people, we can deliver apps immediately after they are developed to consumer in the world markets.”

He had long engaged in production of mobile communication products, and expressed expectation in the new app business. All staff self-applied transfer request from various departments, and they are fully responsible for every process from product planning to engineering.


The new CZ App for iPad provides the user with sounds produced by PD sound generators of CZ Series synthesizers launched in 1984 with additional new functions and playability on iPad display screen.


Chordana ComposerCZ-App-for-iPadAdditional app, Chordana Composer , allows the iPhone user instant music composition simply entering melodies come in mind by humming or whistling. Composed music can be sent attached to e-mail.(photos left, Chordana Composer, and CZ App for iPad, right.)


When iPad and iPhone are connected with any Casio light-navigated electronic keyboard, Chordana Composer shows composed melody with lighted keys.

Since CZ App for iPad isn’t compatible with key touch intensity control of iPad, user can enjoy music on CZ electronic keyboard with authentic key touch intensity level.


Toshio-Kashio-HallToshio Kashio Memorial Hall opened in May 2013, refurbishing former residence of Toshio Kashio, founder and honorary chairman of Casio who passed away a year earlier, in Seijyo, Tokyo. It accommodates a host of epoch-making Casio digital musical instruments in addition to world’s first 14-A compact electronic calculator he designed in 1957 and other innovative products.

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