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December 07, 2015 05:58 PM

Industry Music Promotional Events

The industry staged massive music promotional consumer events in Tokyo, Hamamatsu, Osaka and Sapporo during October through November.


お茶の水熱烈楽器祭りドラムChiyoda Music Association hosted month-long Ochanomizu Passionate Music Festival from October 10 to November 1 in Ochanomizu area, Tokyo, known as musical instruments town among musicians and music fans. Staged in 3 consecutive years, music filled various corners throughout the area more than ever in the past during the period.

The organizer commented that it apparently contributed to draw more general public and customers to nearby music stores. The event is quite characteristic that associations from different business segments including bookstores in given area are involved and work together to boost local retail business.


YamahaジャズフェスHamamatsu city staged 24th Hamamatsu Jazz Week from October 17 through 25 in and about Japan Railways Hamamatsu station in association with Hamamatsu Cultural Foundation, Shizuoka Shimbun, Shizuoka Broadcasting Station, Yamaha Corp. and Yamaha Music Foundation.

Joined UNESCO Creative Cities Network as the first city in Asia last year, Hamamatsu is highly regarded for its excellent music activities in community with one of the largest musical instruments manufacturing hubs in Japan at its back. The event won Best Live Performance Award of Jazz Japan magazine. It started with Student Jazz Festival on Oct. 17 and topped off with Yamaha Jazz Festival on 25 which featured Steve Wilson All Star Quartet, Jyunko Yagami, singer, and Jyunko Moriya Orchestra.


弦楽器フェア個人会場Japan String Instrument Makers Association organized 2015 String Instruments Fair at Tokyo Science Museum from October 30 through November 1. A total of 109 individual makers and businesses of violin, guitar, lute, mandolin and bow including 15 from Italy, France and other countries took part to demonstrate professional instrument making and provide the visitors with rare opportunities to experience masterpieces of renowned luthier and archetier, and versatile concerts given by name artists. It looked having regained confidence from the soft 2014 session, drawing 3,143 visitors, a 7.3% increase over the previous year.

Nobuhiro Sonoda, president of the association said, “We are glad that we have had more exhibitors and visitors than last year. While our business members remain stable, independent members are requesting larger space for exhibit. It’s good both guitar and violin industries are adding new members these years.”


Music-ParkMusical Instruments Fair Association Japan hosted first Music Park 2015 on November 7 and 8 at bellesalle Shibuya Garden Tokyo. It was designed to attract young and entry-level music makers to expand the market, also to complement the blank year with no show (Musical Instruments Fair Japan takes place every other year, and the latest session was held in 2014.)
With participation of 31 manufacturers, distributors, music publishers and academies, 15 music retailers which were allowed to sell musical instruments on-site, the first event drew 4,225 visitors.

Music-Park-オルガンDrummers Paradise was well accepted providing the visitors with drum sets offered by 8 different drum makers for comparison of sounds and play feel. Though sales didn’t reach expectation, it raised 25 million yen sales for the 2 days. The industry confirmed that customers appreciate thiskind of products presentation and opportunity to experience latest models of interest.


札幌ギターフェスタ2nd Sapporo Guitar Festa was held with participation of Korg, T. Kurosawa Music, Kyoritsu Corporation, Yamaha Music Japan, Ishibashi Musical as exhibitors, and 6 music retailers in Sapporo at Sapporo Factory Hall on November 14 and 15.

Originated as trade show 5 years ago, it has been opened to the public since last year. The organizer reported over 1,000 visitors came in, and sold 5.15million yen worth of regular type guitars for the two days.


サウンドメッセトップ2015 Sound Messe in Osaka held on November 14 and 15 successfully closed its 6th session with 143 exhibitors, 4,861 visitors (140% over the previous year) and record 55 million yen sales (157% over the previous year). It opened to the trades on the previous day, and around 100 retailers and sales reps visited from various Eastern and Western parts of the country.

サウンドメッセGENFor the first time in its history, 17 Japanese electric guitar makers exhibited their guitars as GEN (Gakki Engine of Nippon) to demonstrate their craftsmanship, characteristic design and high standard of quality of the guitars made in Japan. GEN is reportedly planning to participate in NAMM Show in the coming years. (photo right: GEN members)

FM COCOLO, a local FM radio station, broadcasted the event as a special program on-site arranged by T. Kurosawa & Co., Ltd., and a cable TV station in Hong Kong sent crew for the first time to report it.

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