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December 24, 2015 05:22 PM

ESP Opens Flagship Store in Beijing

ESP-Beijing-2ESP celebrated official opening of flagship store, ESP Beijing, located at Sanlitun SOHO Gongti Beilu, Chanyang District, Beijing, on December 2. Newly established ESP Beijing caries out product marketing, educational business and all promotional activities in China.

Grown as the most modern commercial district in Beijing, many Japanese top businesses including First Retailing (Unique Clothing) has found the area most attractive to set up retail outlets.

ESP-BeijingESP Beijing Store has a broad selection of ESP Custom-made and Artist models as well as EII guitars at the 100 sq. meter space showcasing ESP’

s high quality standard of guitar manufacturing.

ESP-Beijin-front-doorMunehiro Nagahama, executive managing director, says, “gBeijing is the center of China’s music culture, and we feel rock music is gradually accepted among Chinese people these years. As new music stores are opening, local dealers much expect high quality expensive music products made in Japan.”

Sanlitun“While supporting local musicians, we are planning to promote music education in cooperation with music academies here. Entering Chinese retail business, we make utmost efforts to increase awareness of ESP brand name in the local music community.”

The new retail base in Beijing is expected to make inroads of ESP products into wider areas of China.

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