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March 11, 2018 01:33 PM

New Products Presentations/Press Conferences

Kawai announced CA58 digital piano, and MP11SE and MP7SE stage pianos on February 2 at Kawai Concert Salon Pause at Omote-sando, Tokyo.

CA58 is the 4th product of CA Series hybrid piano lin
e put into the market in celebration of Kawai 90th anniversary. Kentaro Kawai, managing director of Kawai said that CA Series pianos were very well accepted for their highest level technologies including audio sound reproduction function co-developed with Onkyo Corporation, while MP Series pianos find growing demands among overseas artists including Don Ailey, a member of Deep Purple, and Ryan Tedder from Onerepublic. (photos: Kentaro Kawai, Managing Director, Kawai (l.) and Chan-Mari plays MP11SE.)

Ayano Entani who demonstrated brilliant and warm piano tone of CA58 said that it’s highly recommended to piano students for its elegant, brilliant yet warm sound not always common to digital piano, and comfortable key touch finely matched to the output sound.

Chan-Mari from Gesu-no-kiwami-otome much appraised Virtual Technician function of MP11 which allows pianist to add subtle taste of tonal color to one single note.

Roland/Boss showcased following new products, which were announced during NAMM Show in January under the theme of “Music Connects” for the dealers and press members in Japan on Feb. 7 at EBis303 Hall, Ebisu, Tokyo.
Boss brand: Two new models, KATANA AIR guitar amp and KATANA-Artist, are added to KATANA amp line, and GT-1000 floor-based guitar amp/effects processor for guitarist. (Photo: Takeshi Honda demonstrates GT-1000.)

Roland brand: R-07 audio recorder, 4XCAMERA iOS app, GP609 digital grand piano, GO-KEYS ScratchX Extension to learn programming on GO-KEYS entry level keyboard, V-Drums practice app, PM-100/PM-200 monitor speakers designed for digital percussion, RT-MicS drum trigger unit and TM-6 PRO sound module for hybrid drum.

Takeshi Honda, session player of PERSONZ and Kyosuke Himuro demonstrated high quality sound of GT-1000.
Noriaki Kumagai, drummer from TRIX commented, “We see great number of musicians use much of sampled sound these days. TM-6 PRO is definitely a gear most favored by musicians in today’s music scene.”

Korg presented a series of new products at the dealer/press conference held on February 9 at G-ROKS in Shimo-takaido, Tokyo. They included prologue, a new generation polyphonic analog synthesizer, D1 digital piano featuring grand piano voice, KONNECT, self-contained portable PA system, KR55 Pro multi-function rhythm machine, volca mix 4-chnnel mixer to control multiple volcas, ?AW-OTG-POLY, AW-OTB-POLY and other tuners and metronomes, ARP ODYSSEY FSQ duophonic synthesizer with built-in SQ-1 step sequencer.(photos: Hiroyuki Namba plays prologue (top) and “fox capture plan” at D1.

From the import lines, the company introduced Vox tube amplifiers, MVX150C1 combo amp, MVX150H head amplifier, MV50 Boutique and High Gain compact guitar amplifiers, Starstream Type 1 Plus Mahogany and wrap finished Starstream Type 1 Plus modeling electric guitars, Giulietta VGA-3PS/3D arch-top guitars, Artria Mini Brute 2/2S upgraded monophonic synthesizers, and RackBrute 3U/6U multi-functional Eurorack cases.

“fox capture plan”, a young piano trio performed D1 at the conference commented that comfortable key touch tells Korg’s untired quest for authentic piano key touch. They also highly appraised efficient control capability on stage.

Hiroyuki Nanba, a guest keyboard player evaluated versatile capability of prologue saying, “It’s kind of a hyper synthesizer, for example, enjoying cross modulation with the features of Polysix and MS-20 combined. A fun to play keyboard.”

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