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July 11, 2018 10:36 AM

June 6 Making Music Day

From June 1 to 10, music stores throughout Japan organized a host of music promotion programs inviting non-music makers to provide them with musical experiences in various styles.
Japan Musical Instruments Association set June 6 as Making Music Day in 1970 and has promoted to create new music makers in the Japanese market. June 6 comes from the Japanese old saying that it’s the best time to begin artistic studies at the age of 6.

Tokyo-based DAC Musical Instruments Shop held “60 Years Old Anniversary Live” inviting 60 years old instructors in connection with Making Music Day at Da Capo Music Teaching Studio at Space Do on June 6. The audience enjoyed the live performance in relaxed atmosphere. (photo right)

Federation Internationale de l’harmonica Japan (F.I.H.Japan) hosted The 38th Harmonica Contest Finals Live sponsored by Moridaira Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. and Hohner Musikinstrumente on June 9 at Dentsu Hall, Ochanomizu, Tokyo. Harmonica has recently been increasing popularity among young generations. There are reportedly 2 million harmonica players in Japan, and 12 million people who have experienced playing harmonica.
The audience including both professional and amateur players shared pleasure of playing harmonica with top-level artists invited as guests and juries. (Photo left)


Yamano Music, Ginza, Tokyo, provided multiple music entertainment programs including “Take A Photo With Your Favorite Musical Instrument” and “Musical Instruments Quiz Rally’ during the 10 days. (photo below right)


Yamaha Music Osaka Nanba Store organized an in-store mini concert, “Key Harmonica for Adults” inviting Mi3, magical artist of Pianica, on June 9 attracting capacity audience. (photo below left)


Miki Gakki, Osaka, staged “10 Days Experiencing Music Making” at its American Village, Bass Side, Wind Forest and Low-Brass Center retail outlets. Posters and a banner flag of the special market-development approach gave the retail spaces an inviting look. (photo below right)


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